How To Write Songs As A Band And Sound Great

If you ever tried to write songs as a band this will sound familiar to you.

Unless everyone is of the same opinion and same views about musical choices it’s not a good idea to involve everyone in the band into the creative process.

Been there, done that.

It was hella annoying.

It will become messy and productivity will suffer when everyone tries to add his own flavour to the soup, but not everyone in the band is even qualified to contribute their opinions.

That is the sad reality:

A lot of people want to play in a band…

But not learn and do what is necessary and learn to write songs as a band

Imagine having a tug of war with everyone pulling in a different direction.

This is usually what happens if you go by the model “Rehearsals 1x or 2x per week with everyone and putting together material”.

Because usually not everyone in the band has enough clue about music to really contribute to the songwriting.

So what happens?

They get BORED.

What do people do when they get bored?

Get stupid ideas 🙂

For example interrupting by banging on the drums or starting jamming or practicing while the competent people try to flesh out ideas.

So what to do?

If you want to keep the incompetent members around instead of firing them, fine.

But have dedicated songwriting sessions with only the people who can actually contribute.

This can go for a few weeks until you actually have songs ready to show the others to practice them.

Best case you should have the more or less finalized versions recorded somehow to pass around to the other members so they can practice them.

They are capable of preparing just with recordings, right?

(Please answer with yes…)

If not… have you tried passing around the Guitar Pro Tablature Files?*

So there you have it.

I wrote about similar topics like this already in the past and I recommend reading them to get more experience that you can implement right away and accelerate your band progress!


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