How To Work Together As A Band In A Strong Team

When you look around how many bands operate you would probably come to the conclusion that about 90 % of bands don’t work together and are completely dysfunctional with no chance of ever going anywhere..

That is mostly because everyone tries to do everything.

Or worse and more common…

Nobody tries to do ANYTHING.

But usually there is ONE person in the band who pulls all the weight and the others simply depend on his work.

Really no organization EVERY operates this way.

The strongest remedy against this is to be aware of here is that you are in fact a BUSINESS.

Even if you never want to make money with music.

You are an entity with different tasks and a common goal:

To “produce” music.

The success of a band depends vitally from that awareness.

And then it also depends on how dedicated each individual member is to pull their weight and find their place in the hierarchy.

I don’t believe in all band members should be “equal” or in democracy in a band.

It *CAN* work but it is very rare that it works *well*.

Bands can move faster when there is ONE head who makes the final decisions and everyone work together to achieve the common goal.

That does NOT mean that the head of the band ignores all others wishes and needs in the band.

It is in the best interest of the head of the band to listen to the other band members and to what they think about things and to their suggestions.

But without a leader, nobody ever wins.

Each member should have something to do that goes beyond contributing their music and it is the leaders job to delegate those tasks in the best way.

There always is enough to do and the better divided the tasks are, the more gets done.

Very simple.

One simple way to get started is to make a list of all the things that are done by your band and declare who takes over what.

Then you must also hold people accountable.

That means checking in with them if they achieved something and if not find out how you can help them do their work.

If you want to read more, I suggest reading here.*


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