Here is my Groove Power Metal Band HERETICA (Or whatever you can call this genre)

I founded Heretica when I was part of a Collaboration CD project in Tom Hess’ Music Careers Mentoring Program in 2016 as an outlet of my own creative ideas because I was already playing in bands but only functioned as a contributor and not as a main composer.

I never played any songs of my own live, but maybe some day it can happen.

There is a lot of material that I just need to finish up and write some lyrics for.

If somebody wants to recommend me a singer, I gladly take your recommendations.

I played and recorded all instruments myself, except drums which are played by Alex Landenburg (great guy with a loooong resume of bands he played in, eg. Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Symphonia).

And some background vocals were done by Linda Lampinen from Finland who you can hear on the LP The Space Between Us by Ok! You Blackheart.


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