The Number 1 Best Guitar Chord Player For Your Musicality

Best Guitar Chord Player

There are certainly numours programs to play guitar chords for you but the absolute best and most versatile is guitar chord player is:

Guitar Pro 8.

I wrote an extensive article about Why you should use Guitar Pro 8 here, but I will show you how you can use it to play guitar chords here.

First you have to know the frets of your chord, or you use the Chord function.

Chord Function

You find the chord function here:

And it looks like this:

C chord guitar pro

Just type in the chord that you want to see and it gives you a lot of suggestions.

For example the C chord. Have fun playing around with this tool.

Then, to turn your file into a Guitar Chord Player:

Decide what rhythm you want to play.

Guitar Pro 8 will mark the bar in red if the beats don’t align with the count:

Guitar Chord Player

If you don’t know any rhythmic notation at all, there is some figuring out involved for you, but it WILL pay off and make you a rhythm pro fairly soon.

It’s a great way to learn to play rhythm guitar if you’re on your own.

If you have trouble learning to play those difficult chords cleanly for example the A major chord check this out.

And here is your massive shortcut:

You can simply copy paste your chord shape. Just mark it like this by either using the mouse or the shift+arrow keys:

C chord marked, ready for copy and paste

Press CTRL+C and then select where you want to insert the chord and press CTRL+V. (or CMD+C/V on Mac)

Now your measure may look like this:

If you want to change the note values, use this panel on the left of the window:

Then adjust the amount of notes so that the note values fill up the bar correctly.

Last step is simply to press the space bar and listen to your creation.

You can get the Guitar Pro 8 Software directly from here for a one off price, no subscription and you will probably use it for a LIFETIME. At least I did and do. Total bargain, if you ask me.


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