The ultimate electric guitar technique set up guide – Part 3

What is the right guitar technique? Part 3: Arpeggios and Sweep Picking

The holy grail guitar technique for many guitarists: Sweep Picking

There is almost a mystical aura around this whole subject that says that only the most virtuous and dedicated beings may attempt to even TRY to learn this technique.

But it’s really not that hard.

I will walk you through the main principles and as always if you want more help customized to you, you know where to find the best online guitar lessons in the world.*

I explain everything in the video that belongs to this article and here are all the shapes that I will use:

Arpeggio shapes for electric guitar technique demonstration

Make sure to visit part 1 about the right posture and part 2 about rhythm and scales!

And if you got those down pretty well, check out how to play guitar solos with arpeggios here.


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