2 Sure Fire Ways to play guitar faster

The question that plagued guitarists for almost a century now 🙂 “How do I play guitar faster?”

A plague it is because there is so much “common sense” advice out there that has worked for a selected few who intuitively figured out the right way to practice (aka. “Natural talent”).

But for mere mortals like us, this can truly forever remain a mystery.

Or does it?

What if you could LEARN how to practice like someone with “natural talent”?

That could change everything, right?

But you can’t take that advice from just anyone who plays fast and figured it out.

That will just leave you where you are right now.


Find people who worked incredibly hard to break down what “playing guitar faster” consists of.

People who also have taught a lot of NORMAL people to become insanely great players.

The first such resource I want to point you towards is this:

Guitaristy App

In there you will find the right starting point and build the best foundation to start shredding.

Before you try to play fast, make sure you have the right technique for playing guitar faster!

The first thing I want to tell you to make speed gains and play guitar faster is:

Do NOT simply make blind repetitions and *hope* you become faster.

Playing something over and over again until you can do it faster does NOT get you very far.

Yes, it will take you SOME way along, but you WILL hit a wall at some point.

What you should do instead is try to become more and more aware of what you need to fix and what kind of repetitions you are making to fix your mistakes.

So no more mindless practicing!

If you think of your practicing as a “problem solving session” you will get much more out of it already.

You see your fingers flying away from the fretboard?

How can you fix that? How can you make the motions smaller?

And keep them consistently smaller?

Now you need to train your brain to send the right signals to your hands, so that your hands perform the right motions.

How can you do that? How will you get your hands to make the right movements?

Asking this type of questions is already much better than asking “How can I play faster?”

Since we are talking about practicing…

I want you to be aware of the fact that “over-practicing” exists.

But maybe not in the way you think about it.

It does not mean that you practice something so long that you fall backwards asleep from your chair.

It means that your brain goes on autopilot once you think you have “gotten the hang of something”.

And that happens relatively quickly.

So the more often you change up WHAT you are practicing, the more effective your practice will be.

If you have for example 5 things you want to speed up…

Rotate between them every 2 minutes.

Then zoom in deep into what you have to improve.

Even if it’s just one single movement of a finger.

You focus only on that.

If you want more tips like this, check this out:

Guitaristy App


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