The (honestly) Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar

Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar

Straight off the bat, I tell you right away: The best way to learn to play guitar is with an actually REALLY qualified teacher. The better the teacher is, the faster you will get results. Generally you want to make sure that your teacher has a PLAN. If you prefer to be self taught (some […]

How To Play Awesome Guitar Solos With Arpeggios

Arpeggios are a great way to make your guitar solos sound super melodic and less like a guitar scale. But the challenge when trying to play guitar solos with arpeggios here are the chord changes of the background music because now have to hit with three notes almost at the same time, As opposed to […]

2 Sure Fire Ways to play guitar faster

The question that plagued guitarists for almost a century now 🙂 “How do I play guitar faster?” A plague it is because there is so much “common sense” advice out there that has worked for a selected few who intuitively figured out the right way to practice (aka. “Natural talent”). But for mere mortals like […]

My Simple 5 Step Process To Transcribe Songs

How to transcribe songs in 5 steps I will show you the whole process that I am using to transcribe songs, but you should start small and transcribe only short melodies first. Warning: If you have NEVER transcribed songs before AT ALL, this will feel super overwhelming. The most important thing right away: PATIENCE and […]

How To Learn A Lot Of Songs Quickly

I have a pretty unique take on how to learn songs quickly that may go against everything you have ever learned, but it helped me a lot in several situations and has proven itself to be very useful. For example in 2012 when I jumped in as a replacement-guitarist for a band and I had […]

Why use Guitar Pro?

Learning how to read and write tablature has forever changed the way guitarists notate their music thanks to Guitar Pro. I think of it like the missing link between standard notation and playing them on guitar. Because what standard notation usually NOT does, is telling the guitarist: WHERE TO PLAY ANY NOTE ON THE FRETBOARD […]

Your Number 1 Secret Weapon To Play Chord Changes Fast

Chord changes can be a very frustrating thing especially in the beginning. Here is how you can overcome the frustrating phase with a little bit of smart practice. If you want to learn more about the theory behind your chords, read this article 1. Light touch-to-press chord changes Once your fingers are in the right […]

How Musical Keys Are Built And Not Break Your Brain In 2 Practical Steps

Musical keys and how they are constructed is the basic starting point for understanding music theory and it is the part that most people get stuck on. But it does not have to be that way. The way that a normal major scale is built up is pretty straightforward because it always follows one specific […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pentatonic Scales

Last week one of my students asked me “What scale should I learn? I am thinking about Harmonic Minor” I did not respond immediately but I asked him instead “How many pentatonic scale shapes do you know?” “I know the minor and the major pentatonic” he said. And this is where the fun starts for […]