How To Quickly And Cheap Start Recording My Music

Recording your own music is a true game change if you ever want to get anywhere with your band. It’s a totally different process than typing everything into Guitar Pro.* (Nothing bad about Guitar Pro, it’s a great tool, it’s just a DIFFERENT way) The creative juices somehow just flow differently and much more spontaneously. […]

How to write songs without banging your head on your desk in despair

Most musicians who make an attempt to write songs of their own go at it with the totally wrong expectations. They think they know how to play and know some music theory. “What more do I need? I should be able to create great songs now!” In a way… yes, you don’t need more. Except […]

How chords are built on guitar: Chord Theory For Guitar

Let’s talk about TRIADS and Chord Theory FOR GUITAR. Because other than for piano, they look quite different on the guitar. Theoretically the explanation is quite straightforward. You have a root note, then the third (either major or minor) of that root note stacked on top and the fifth to that same root note. “AAAH […]

How to become a great guitar player quickly?

Have you ever seen some 14 year old girl shred to a Dream Theater song like it’s nothing? I vaguely remember a headline of an article that went something like this: “John Petrucci mad that XYZ Youtube persona plays one of his solos 5 bpm faster than him, he immediately went to practice” Only judging […]