How to record a whole band when you are all on your own

To know how to record a whole band as a guitarist is challenging but also very vital to your success. When you are a guitarist trying to start a band, it might be difficult to find band members you can really count on and who know what they are doing. When I myself tried to […]

How To Work Together As A Band In A Strong Team

When you look around how many bands operate you would probably come to the conclusion that about 90 % of bands don’t work together and are completely dysfunctional with no chance of ever going anywhere.. That is mostly because everyone tries to do everything. Or worse and more common… Nobody tries to do ANYTHING. But […]

How To Write Songs As A Band And Sound Great

If you ever tried to write songs as a band this will sound familiar to you. Unless everyone is of the same opinion and same views about musical choices it’s not a good idea to involve everyone in the band into the creative process. Been there, done that. It was hella annoying. It will become […]

How to find the right band members

How do I say this best… You don’t. 🙂  You let your Band Members find you. By the way, what I will say next will only be relevant if you want to be in a band with successful and reliable people who want to go the distance with you. If you just want some buddies […]

5 Ways To Get My Rookie Band Stage Ready

Prepare Your Band For Big Stages Have you ever seen a band play and it was just… really bad and you could tell the band was not stage ready yet? Even though they played well, the overall performance was just bland and anything else but captivating. I know there is a good chance that you […]

How To Start A Band (And Don’t Ruin Yourself From The Start)

How To Start A Band …And become successful Here is my unique take: The “common knowledge” way to start a band… … take 4 friends, put them in a box, the least talented gets the bass guitar, the best looking guy is the singer, you put together songs, start playing gigs, record an album, start […]